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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

After having a long day's work, everyone wants to sleep cozily inside their bed. Nice and clean bedding is somewhat perfectly which sends you to snooze in practically no time. However, all this can disappear if your mattress is moldy and old and it's stains throughout which cannot do much for the sleeping experience.

AB Rug Cleaning is just a specialist in professional mattress cleaning service in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. We are striving to become the most effective mattress cleaning service in your community through delivering effective results to satisfy our customers.

We recommend one to take this service after each 6 months which means that your mattress is dust and allergy proof and its life is extended as well. Having your mattress cleaned at regular intervals is the better solution for eliminating dust mites and killing bacteria that tend to improve overtime.

When you hire our services, you have accessed the masters of mattress cleaning. The main reason behind this claim is that people integrate advanced cleaning methods which deliver fresh-smelling and thoroughly cleaned mattresses. Our methods are sophisticated which ensures that your mattress is cleaned from all forms of stains, spots, dust mites and bacteria along side maintaining its original look. A very important thing about our service is that we get your mattress cleaned efficiently and quickly meaning your mattress is ready when you want it.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

The technicians at AB Rug Cleaning are trained and designed with the latest machinery necessary for cleaning purposes. We also provide a powerful warm water extraction system to ensure that so the mattress is cleaned from dust and other particles along being dry out simultaneously. The injection of a strong spray within the mattress is beneficial in eradicating dust mites and bacteria rooted in the mattress and clean dirt. There is also a suction system which extracts all types of funguses and dirt and deodorizes the fabric. The entire process leaves you with a new smelling and clean mattress.

The mattress cleaning service at AB Rug Cleaning emerges at very competitive rates and our timings may also be very flexible this means we are available at your convenience. You're 100% guaranteed with our cleaning service and will surely recommend to your friend or family member. Our mattress cleaning process includes:

  • Pre-treating, if required.

  • Removing of all types of spots and stains.

  • Steam cleaning

  • Heated water extraction system.

  • Deodorizing the fabric.

Our professionals are trained to take extra care of your mattress. Moreover, our detergents and cleaning solutions are also very mild and no residue is left on your own mattress after the cleaning is completed. When our experts visit your destination for a inspect the mattress, they'll also give appropriate treatment suggestion for various kinds of stains and spillage. Try our mattress cleaning service once and we assure you you will come again just because a mattress cleaned with a professional is like a heavenly to have a good night sleep. Contact our professionals today and try for yourself and get pleased with the results.

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