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Area Rug Restoration

Area Rug Restoration

Whenever your rug needs something that is beyond simple cleaning and maintenance, then AB Rug Cleaning can serve as your ultimate selection for area rug restoration. The services we offer in this regard cover all kinds of damages made through animals, insects, cuts, wear and tear along with fire. Moreover, if your neighborhood rug has experienced an important damage, we of experts will restore your rug using the same colors, dyes, materials and the similar weave so as to make it appear to be the original.

Although hand-woven rugs are much resilient to damage however, they could still function as the prey of heavy foot traffic or sizeable furniture items with time. Many times these simple elements can demand simple fringes restoration however, sometimes they could requires extensive restoration procedures.

Another serious problem could be larger holes or rips which involves extensive area rug restoration service like re-knotting the pile, reweaving or re-creating the motifs thereby rebuilding the location rug. The technique useful for reweaving rugs are original however, invisible repairs on both small and large holes are performed as well. Area rugs certainly are a unique item in the inside of any home and only at AB Rug Cleaning, we're offering creative solutions that could help in maintaining the design, design in addition to the first color of the rug.

We also deal in rug fragments from which pieces are taken to repair holes in area rugs. Moreover, our experts are also trained to mask worn areas through painting the style on the damaged area. The fabric dyes used are of top quality and they don't fade off or wash away. The whole area rug restoration process is made to stabilize all the fringing ends of the rug so that there occur no losses to the pile. There are lots of methods implemented in this procedure which includes:

  • Double knot techniqueArea Rug Restoration

  • Reinforced end stop

  • Blanket stitch

  • Soumack technique or chain stitch

  • Flat stop technique


Services Offered by AB Rug Cleaning NY

We are offering various services for area rug restoration which include:

  • Overcasting: This solution is employed to avoid fraying edges and is an inexpensive restoration solution.

  • Color restoration: There are special tools and techniques used to create color to areas which can be damaged.

  • Knot dyeing: Older rugs makes weaver knots more visible which we reduce to create it seem like new.

  • Blocking: this method involves the restoring the form of the rug and repairing it to lie flat by tacking it for a while period.

  • Stain removal: we are using several solutions to remove all forms of stains on your neighborhood rug.

  • Over edging: restoring damaged edges by hand sewing with new wool along side maintaining along the rug.

  • Re-weaving: This method involves recreating all missing motifs along with tightening knots.

  • Fabrication: This procedure involves weaving two rugs together to fill up a unique space.

  • Fringe replacement: Replacing or restoring fringes whether readymade or handmade.

  • Hand sheering: Removing pile tips in order to restore the texture or color of the area rug.



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