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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning

If you should be buying a carpet cleaning company that provides non-toxic and environmental friendly carpet and Organic Cleaning, then AB Rug Cleaning can be your ultimate stop. Our services are ideal for all those who desire chemical-free cleaning of these carpets, rugs, and other upholstery items. In this technique, we are using all natural and organic products that are as effective as the merchandise used in traditional cleaning procedures.

Why Use Our Services?

We are operating with a team of experts and professionals in carpets and upholstery cleaning. We're also utilizing the state-of-the-art technology to supply best results to your clients. All solutions and detergents used in the cleaning process are bio-degradable non-toxic as well as safe for the surroundings, humans and pets as well. We deeply understand the integrity of Mother Nature which explains why we emphasize on preserving our precious Earth.

The best thing about our services is that the equipment's getting used was created to get the work completed in the proper way by using Organic Cleaning method. Moreover, we also recognize that carpets, rugs, and upholstery items are costly purchases and have the feature to enhance the decoration of your place. For this reason, we've hired all trained and certified technicians so that your precious items are handled with care as our professionals work on your property like it was their own.

At AB Rug Cleaning, we also implement a double filtration system alongside all-season drying procedure in order to make your carpet cleaning experience a great one. We strive upon being fully a customer-oriented business and are focused on naturally preserve you interior environment through Organic Cleaning.Our services are completely based on organic products and are safe for several even those people who are suffering from allergies.


Our Features

  • ·         Natural Cleaning Solutions

  • ·         Environment Safe

  • ·         Stays Cleaner Longer

  • ·         Certified Technicians


Our Services

We are supplying a wide selection of services which includes:

  • Organic Carpet Cleaning: We implement an expert cleaning system in which only natural products and no chemicals are used. The hot-water extraction process is used for carpet cleaning so that all types of dirt, harmful bacteria, germs and other particles are removed. Our eco-friendly detergents are accustomed to remove even the heaviest of stains and soil without the residue which really is a major complaint on most customers these days.


  • Organic Upholstery Cleaning: Our professionals completely recognize that daily wear and tear can lose the toll from your own upholstery items. AB Rug Cleaning is offering probably the most high-quality upholstery cleaning service that has the capacity to take away the toughest of stains and heaviest of soils. Even if your upholstery is not maintained for a long time, our services will undoubtedly be a great restoration which will allow you to save a fortune rather than replacing items.



  • Organic Rug Cleaning: Rugs are items that are handed down in one generation to another. This is why it is very important to deep clean them in order to maintain their look, color, and texture. We, at AB Rug Cleaning, can allow you to make your rug seem like because it is new. Whether you wish to clean, restore or repair your rug, we deal in every forms of rugs. Moreover, our natural cleaning process preserves its original appearance.


AB Rug Cleaning is the greatest place to solve all of your cleaning issues. If you want to get your carpet or upholstery items cleaned by professionals, then call our experts today and arrange an appointment for Organic Cleaning with them.


Our Services

Area Rug Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Area Rug Restoration
Mattress Cleaning
Water and Fire damage
Area Rug Repair
Organic Cleaning
Bed Bug Treatment
Upholstery Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Allergy Control Treatment
Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

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